Born in Manhattan, raised in New Jersey, matured in Paris, Asheville, and Brooklyn, Megg Farrell's music encapsulates all of her travels and experiences into one beautifully eclectic blend of honest simplicity and musical sophistication.   When she was 16, she began singing in the East Village.   At 18, she left New York for North Carolina where she lived on the river, guiding boats down rapids by day and writing songs (with lots of water imagery) by night.  Her sound had already been deeply steeped in the blues but now took on a Southern feel with the influence of her time in North Carolina and Tennessee.  In college, she began studying jazz and eventually took a year to go to a small jazz school in the quaint Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre.  Her music retained the stomp of the Southern influence and the blues of her childhood influences but added a new level of vocal and harmonic complexity.  Paris gave her a new grounding in music as well as years worth of writing material.  Since moving back to America, she has been living in Brooklyn.  She continued playing with her rowdy folk group The Whiskey Social but soon with her new found success in the jazz world, little time was left to pursue her original music.  She began singing full time with her jazz group Sweet Megg & The Wayfarers in 2013 and has been growing exponentially as a vocalist ever since.  Her success in that world has allowed her freedom now to began working on her original music once again.  This recent album, Fear Nothing, is her first re-entrance into the original music world.  She has proven herself worthy as a jazz singer and is now ready to devote herself once again to her own music.  Her new album Fear Nothing is a mix of songs she has written throughout these years of growth, travel, romance, sorrow, and unabashed joie de vivre.   

What's Next?  She has formed a new rowdy group of musicians under the name Megg Farrell & Friends and will be putting out her second album in summer for 2017! 

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