Megg Farrell sings for Titus Andronicus

I had an amazing opportunity to go up to New Paltz and spend some time with Pat Stickles and his crew.  It was a blast and some good clean rock n roll fun but we also made music!  I sang back up vocals and some lead on the record they just put out.  Here is a video from the record that has a cameo of Ryan and I as well as the review in The Guardian that gives me a shout out!

Real Talk adorns its rambunctious, soulful country-punk with sax, snatches of rap and a hokey, rootsy chorus straight out of Springsteen’s Seeger Sessions, while Brooklyn singer Megg Farrell provides nobly weary vocals on the bar-room piano and folksy-fiddle lament, Crass Tattoo.
— The Guardian